Joseph Nicholson, from Pitt County (North Carolina), was arrested after 12 dogs suffocated in a metal box in the back of his truck while he went hunting. The beagles did not have food or water and by the time Nicholson returned, they were all dead!

Deputies say a passerby called their office Saturday and reported seeing Joseph Nicholson taking dead dogs out of a crate in the back of his truck. When deputies arrived at his home along NC 43 in Pitt County they found 12 hunting dogs that had suffocated. Investigators tell NewsChannel 12 that the 12 dogs died inside a dog crate that was in the back of Nicholson’s pick up truck. Deputies report the dogs were not malnourished.Source:

Nicholson was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and given a $1,000 bond.

Why keep dogs, when you can’t treat them right?