Ellie Challis, brave 7-year old girl plays soccer for her school, Engaines Primary School, despite having no legs or arms. She uses special prosthetic legs – super-light pair of £10,000 carbon-fibre Flex Run Feet from UK firm Dorset Orthopaedics. The legs were bought by her well-wishers as she couldn’t run on standard false legs.

She lost all of her four limbs, after they were amputated in a life-saving operation in 2005 after contracting meningitis and developing septicaemia.


Lisa, 37, who works with disabled adults, said: “She has no problems on the football field at all. She just gets on with it.

“Her favourite team is Arsenal and she watches all their matches with her dad.”

Father Paul, a 48-year-old carer, said: “It’s amazing to see her on the football field.

“She absolutely loves it and her dribbling skills are great.”

Yesterday proud mum Lisa said: “It’s something that we never thought we would ever see. She is just the most gutsy and remarkable child.”

Source: www.thesun.co.uk


We can all learn a lot from this little girl! Kudos to the girl and her family!

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