Are there aliens among us? Marta Yegorovnam, a Russian woman in the western city of Petrozavodsk, claims that she kept an alien creature in her fridge for 2 years after retrieving it from a UFO crash site near her home in 2009.

The mysterious “lifeform” was reportedly kept by Marta Yegorovnam in her fridge, while she took five pictures to prove its existence, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.

According to the Sun, Miss Yegorovnam claims she heard a loud noise outside her home. She rushed outside to find “flaming wreckage and crumpled metal” from a crashed UFO. The extraterrestrial victim of this crash was allegedly nearby. Her reaction was to wrap the strange creature in plastic, and place it in her fridge.
The “body”, the third alien sighting in Russian in recent months, was reportedly retrieved by Miss Yegorovnam from a UFO crash site near her summer house in 2009, the Daily Mail said.

The “alien” is about 60cm long with a big head, two large eyes and looking like a cross between a fish and a humanoid.
Unexplained Mysteries website says two men arrived at her home a few days ago and confiscated the corpse for investigative purposes, claiming to be from the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Real or a hoax or just a an animal?