Inappropriate advertisement campaign or just art? A mother-daughter modeled for lingerie together for revealing underwear by The Lake and Stars. The daughter is just 19-year old.

The company claims, they are not professional models, just an ordinary people who live next door to the company’s co-owner in Brooklyn, New York.  


Maayan Zilberman, who runs the New York-based lingerie and swimwear label with Nikki Dekker, explained how it came about.  She told the Huffington Post: ‘A lot of the themes that we’re dealing with are about psychology between women as they’re growing up and dealing with family politics or women in the workplace.’  She added: ‘There’s no shock value here. We’re not trying to make people feel uncomfortable in order to provoke dialogue.  ‘We’re just trying to confront some of these issues that I think people aren’t really talking about so much.’  Ms Zilberman said the goal of the campaign is to spark discussion about how younger generations of women relate to older generations of women, and vice versa.  She wants the customer to see these photographs and wonder ‘who’s the sexy one?’Source:

Controversial publicity stunt?

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