Keith Allen Kruel, 38-year old man from Wendel (Pennsylvania), allegedly killed his girlfriend, 40-year-old Tina Marie Ohler, during a drunken argument over a lack of beer and his refusal to eat some noodles she cooked for him. The incident happened at the home they shared in Hempfield Township, about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, early Sunday.


In a criminal complaint, police said Mr. Kruel told them the two came home drunk early Sunday, according to the complaint.

Ms. Ohler made Mr. Kruel a bowl of noodles and got angry when he refused to eat them, he told police. He heard her drop the bowl of noodles in the kitchen, making a mess. She refused to clean up the mess and walked away, he told police, so he shoved her into a door frame. He then kicked her repeatedly as he walked past her because she grabbed his leg, according to the complaint.

Bleeding, she told him she had trouble breathing, but he said she told him she didn’t need an ambulance. Mr. Kruel then passed out on the couch. When he awoke later Sunday, she lay on the bedroom floor unresponsive. He called Ms. Ohler’s sister, who called 911.

Ms. Ohler was pronounced dead at the scene. Her face was bloodied and there were contusions on her chest, according to the complaint. Police found blood throughout the apartment — on the door jamb leading to a hallway, on the living room floor and on a pair of men’s jeans.

An autopsy found that Ms. Ohler died of blunt force trauma to the head and compression injuries of the chest and abdomen. The death has been ruled a homicide, according to the Westmoreland County coroner’s office.



Kruel has been charged with criminal homicide. He was arraigned Monday morning and held without bond at the Westmoreland County Jail.