Jacob James Winston, 28, wasn’t happy with the pizza at Sicilian Pizza & Pasta in Nashville (Tennessee), so he threw a beer bottle with flammable liquid into the restaurant. It ignited a small fire Sunday night that was quickly extinguished by employees. He was chased down and subdued till police officers arrived.

It happened around 10 p.m. Sunday at Sicilian Pizza on Church Street. Police said Jacob James Winston, 28, who is homeless got into an argument at the restaurant about his meal. Winston was escorted from the restaurant after throwing condiments off the counter.

Winston later returned to the restaurant with a Molotov cocktail, threw it inside, and flammable liquid got on the floor and walls, and sparked a fire.

Two employees, one in a delivery vehicle, chased the suspect down to Legislative Plaza. They had to subdue him until officers arrived, and he was taken to the Vanderbilt Medical Center with minor injuries.

Source: www.newschannel5.com


He will be charged with aggravated arson and possession of a prohibited explosive weapon. Police said he has 32 prior arrests since 2006 on various charges.