A 28-year old man caught smuggling 50 reptiles – 41 scorpions, five vipers and three Chinese grass snakes at Stockholm’s at Arlanda Airport. The man was traveling from China to Sweden and has been sentenced to community service. The reptiles were packed in plastic containers in his baggage. Two snakes died in transit.

The man has now been sentenced to 60 hours of community service for smuggling.

According to Attunda District Court, the man was aware of the risks of his venture.

While he claimed that he received the animals as a gift and took a spontaneous decision to transport them back to Sweden, the court noted that a courier package from Hong Kong had previous been stopped in transit to the man.

When the mailed package was seized and opened, officials found five snakes in two containers marked “toys”, two of which were king cobras, the world’s longest venomous snake and a protected species.Source: www.thelocal.se

Where is PETA when you need them?