Jessica Renea Keith, 21-year old woman from Hudson (Florida), was pulled over for driving a stolen vehicle. A search on the vehicle revealed crack cocaine inside it. But that wasn’t all, when she was searched after been taken to the jail, it was found that she had crack cocaine hid inside her vagina.


Keith allegedly denied knowing the vehicle was stolen, saying she got it from a friend. A search of the vehicle turned up a substance inside that tested positive for crack cocaine.  Already under arrest for grand theft auto, Keith denied the drugs belonged to her.

Keith was transported to the Land O’Lakes Jail.  She was reportedly asked if she had any paraphernalia on herself and said she did not, but a physical search allegedly revealed she did indeed have crack cocaine hidden inside her vagina.



With all the charges added up, she is charged with –

  • grand theft auto
  • possession of cocaine
  • and introduction/possession of contraband into a detention facility

How stupid can you be?