A naked suicidal climber was rescued from a trail on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix (Arizona). The man had to be air-lifted from a Phoenix mountain trail after he apparently became suicidal and began running around naked.



“You couldn’t get him to calm down,” said Ewelina Federkiewicz, one of the hikers who stopped him from jumping off the summit.

Phoenix fire spokesman Frank Salomon said several hikers were able to hold the man down until firefighters and police were able to get to him on the Echo Canyon trail on Camelback Mountain.

“We realized that we had to tackle him,” Federkiewicz said. She told ABC15 that they threw a blanket over him and tied his hands using other clothing items.

Authorities put the man in restraints and a basket and carried him down to a landing zone area where he could be picked up by helicopter and dropped off at the parking lot to an ambulance.

Source: www.abc15.com


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