A German website, www.mycow.de, offers customers the option of having cows slaughtered in the field while they graze for supposedly more delicious beef. Customers can either have their cow killed in the slaughterhouse or let them die while having a happy graze. The trip to the slaughterhouse can cause stress for animals, resulting in toughening the meat. The happier the cow, tastier the beef.


Few farmers use the field-killing method because it’s more expensive and difficult. It necessitates someone quickly stunning and then shooting the cow, which then has to be rushed to a butcher. A 5 kilogramme packet from www.mycow.de starts at about €75.

“This is a much more gentle slaughtering process,” Susanne Marx, the website’s operator, told The Local, saying that the beef www.mycow.de sells comes from “happier cows.”

But Marx acknowledged that there is a limit to how much people want to know the specific cows they eat – this is why www.mycow.de doesn’t allow them to get to know or select specific cow for slaughter.

She also said there are a lot of variables that factor into how beef on someone’s plate tastes.

“But in general, a cow that was killed more humanely is going to be tastier,” she said. Source: www.thelocal.de


What would PETA say?