Jeffery Bowers, 53-year old man from Bonita Springs (Florida), seems to treasure his sleep too much as he beat up his girlfriend after she woke him up while playing with a sex toy, a loud vibrator, in the bed.


Police reports state that the victim had bruises on her arms and a swollen eye.  She also mentioned to police that Bowers kicked her in the face, dragged her throughout the home and threw her out of the house.  When police arrived she was in the front yard.

Bower’s side of the story is that he had picked up his girlfriend to come over and make him dinner.  They went to bed and he became agitated when he woke up and she was playing with a sex toy.  He asked her to stop so he could sleep and then told her to get the cigarettes off the porch.  She went to get his cigarettes and when she turned around to come back in he pushed her out and locked the door.



Bowers was arrested on domestic battery charges.