Vanessa Hessler, 23-year old model of Germany’s Alice phone company (subsidiary of O2), was sacked after she defended the family of Muammar Qaddadi and his son Mutassim. Mutassim was her former lover.


In an interview with the Italian magazine Diva e Donna Hessler said the Qaddafi family were “normal people” and expressed her displeasure at the regime’s fall.

She also said Libya wasn’t poor and people there weren’t fanatics. She cautioned people to “not believe everything you read.”

“We – France and Great Britain – financed the rebels. The people don’t know what they are doing,” she said in the interview.

On Monday the Alice spokesman said: “She has not clearly distanced herself from the statements” and said her image would be immediately removed from Alice’s website and shops.

Mario Gori, a manager at Hessler’s modelling agency, said her comments had been made while she was still in a state of shock after the death of her former lover.

“Hessler met Qaddafi’s son privately. She never had anything to do with his father,” said Gori, adding the model’s comments had not affected her work for Telefonica or the company’s image.Source:


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She seems to be the face of Alice, might be difficult to replace her.