It is a very difficult experience to find your spouse cheating on your, especially after years of marriage. There are times you struggle with between the thoughts of leaving him/her or trying to making him/her to stop cheating. 46-year-old Rajini Narayan planned the second – to make the husband stop cheating by setting his penis on fire. In the early hours of December 7 2008, at the couples house in Adelaide, she snapped and instead of just burning the penis, she doused her husband’s back in petrol before setting him alight.

Last year, the court heard allegations that Narayan had confessed to the attack.
“My husband loves another woman, he hugs her,” she allegedly said to neighbours.
“I’m a jealous wife, his penis should belong to me, I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else.
“It’s just his penis I wanted to burn, I didn’t mean this to happen.”Source:

He suffered burns to more than 75 per cent of his body and died in the Royal Adelaide Hospital days later.


Yesterday, the South Australian Supreme Court heard the jealous wife had discovered her husband’s affair then set fire to him and the family’s home.

In defence of Narayan, Lindy Powell, QC, told the jury Narayan confronted her husband, who was lying in the couple’s bed, shortly after he gave her his email password and she found emails detailing the affair.

“She said: You say you loved her. I’m going to burn your penis. I’m going to tell your family what you have done,” Ms Powell said.

She said the words were “spoken from Narayan’s heart” because of a “genuine, if wildly misguided” belief she would keep her husband.

“He rolled away from her, turning his back on her. He said: `No you won’t, you fat, dumb bitch’.”

“In that split second in that highly emotional state, Narayan threw the petrol on her husband.

“In that split second, she had lost control … She was so overcome she simply lost her power to think and react rationally.

Ms Powell told the jury Narayan felt immediately remorseful and tried to save her husband of 24 years, and the couple’s three children, who were also in the house at the time.

She told the court Narayan’s husband had subjected his wife to years of physical and emotional abuse.



The fire also gutted the family’s Adelaide home, leaving a damage bill of about $1 million.

The police found printed emails in which her husband declared his love for the other woman and a credit card addressed to the woman in Rajini’s handbag.

She is currently on trial for murder for she pleaded – “not guilty”.

Cheating is bad, but isn’t it better to just leave the man before all of this?