James Thomas Bommer, 52-year old man from Gibraltar (Michigan) who is accused of dismembering 32-year-old Pam Prpich, is not being charged for her murder. Instead he is being charged with one count of dismembering and mutilating a dead body and one count of obstruction of justice.


Police say Bommer told them he and 32-year-old Pam Prpich were using fentanyl to get high when he found her dead from an overdose. He told police he then panicked and cut up her body to hide her death.

Police began investigating her death after her brother found parts of her body in a suitcase in a creek near her home on August 18. They say Bommer told them he disposed of her limbs in a dumpster. Police say they found other remains in his closet.

Source: www.wxyz.com


Prpich lived with family in the Bella Vista Condos, across the street from the Park Place Apartments where Bommer lived. They are reported to be friends with some relationship. Bommer is reported to be a former mechanic and butcher who was good with his hands.