Panchayat (council of elders) Asar village with a predominantly Muslim population in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh banned the residents of the village to marry for love, threatening otherwise exile, writes The Daily Mail .

“Marriage for love – the shame of our society. They have a painful impact on young parents, especially in families of girls, and cause damage to their reputation,” – said one of the initiators of the ban , Ahmed Sattar .

However, this is not the only taboo, adopted by the authorities of the village. Also now all the girls and women up to 40 allowed to appear in public places only unaccompanied. They are also obliged to wear scarves on their heads and banned the use of mobile phones.  All of  these draconian measures elders explain that they concern about security of inhabitants of the village.

But these explanations did not satisfy the women activists both in the state and beyond. According to the All India Democratic Women’s Association Madhu Garg , the Government should immediately intervene in this village and abolish the medieval orders, writes The Times of India .

“It’s just ridiculous. Why limitations apply only to women?  Those ridicules and outright stupid are all over “elightened” Muslim world:  in Jordan, for example, issued a fatwa that permits the kidnap and rape… non-Muslim women.  A Muslim cleric from Iran forbade women to approach to fruit and vegetables, which resemble the male sex organ. Thus, the imam hopes to secure the fair sex from sin – that is, from “thinking about sex.” Imam believes that women can not even come near to bananas or cucumbers.

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