Elena Udrea, the Romanian tourism minister, should be made minister of fashion instead. Recently when she visited the flood devasted city of Saucesti, she gave out boxes of the slinky black footwear.

She told the disbelieving women: “We have beautiful shoes for you.

The people of town which saw more than 2000 evacuated after River Siret flooded didn’t seem to be amused with the gifts.

But one woman in the town of Saucesti said: “I would like to see her try walking over a mud-filled road in high-heel shoes.

The minister, who also took chocolate to Saucesti for children, defended the gifts by saying the shoes were part of 20 tonnes of aid she had taken there. She added : “Women appreciate the chance to be elegant and to not have to wear Wellington boots any more.”

I think the minister needs some sort of reality check. The people who have lost everything need basic necessities only like – food, medicines, etc. They don’t need to be mocked with gifts that are suitable for leisure living!