Is there really a sex video tape of BMW heiress’ Susanne Klatten and Swiss man Helg Sgarbi? I am not sure but the tape has caused her to be blacmailed thrice already.

She is the daughter of the late Herbert Quandt, the German industrialist who saved BMW from collapse in 1957 and built the Bavarian carmaker into a world auto power.

Blackmail 1

Helg Sgarbi (“Swiss Gigolo”) blackmailed her out of 7 million euros and then he asked for more after which she contacted authorities. He was jailed for  6 years. He claimed that while he was in the US he had hit a child with his car, severely injuring her, and that he needed 7 million euros to pay for her care. Susanne Klatten handed this over in cash and then he started to demand more money and she broke off the relationship.


Helg Sgarbi, a former Swiss investment banker, was sentenced to six years in jail by a Munich court after he admitted he had seduced Klatten and three other wealthy women. He persuaded them to pay him nearly 10 million euros under various false pretexts.

 Sgarbi, a Swiss army lieutenant, won over Klatten, a 46-year-old married mother of three, at a health center.

 She later handed him a cardboard box containing 7 million euros in 500 euro notes, believing he had paralyzed a child in a traffic accident in America and was in need of the money.

 Klatten ended the relationship after Sgarbi, 44, demanded more money. He responded by threatening to send photos and tapes of their hotel-room rendezvous to colleagues, family and media unless she gave him 49 million euros. She then went to police.



Blackmail 2

A truck driver who claimed that he met Sgarbi in prison and could get the tape for 75,000 eruos. He is awaiting trial for attempted blackmail.

Blackmail 3

Recently three men contacted Susanne claiming that they had the video and wanted 800,000 euros and a BMW luxury SUV.


Munich state prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch said the trio had been arrested last week by police in the northern town of Duisburg on suspicion of trying to extort 800,000 euros and a BMW luxury SUV from Klatten, heiress to the BMW empire.

 “They sent a letter to her threatening to give the sex video they claimed to have to Italian media if she did not give them 800,000 euros and a BMW,” Steinkraus-Koch told Reuters, adding that Klatten immediately forwarded the letter to police.

 “We assume the story about the video was contrived. At least we have found no evidence of any such video after searching their apartments and computers. There is nothing to suggest they ever were in possession of such a sex video.”

 The three men aged 33 to 46 — including one German and one Serb — were contacted by a police officer posing as an acquaintance of Klatten, he said. They set up a contact phone number for the blackmailers and that led to their arrest.