In Russia, test driving a vehicle isn’t nearly as easy as it is in the states. Many dealerships refuse to allow such a thing without a considerable deposit unless they know the potential purchaser very well. So, when a dealership deep in Siberia offered to allow its customers to test drive one of their Porsche 911 Carrera S models, many people jumped at the chance.

At first things were going smoothly, or so it seemed. That is, until some unnamed 46 year old jumped in the seat and took it for a spin with his 27 year old friend. While negotiating a curve, at probably an ungodly speed, the driver lost control of the vehicle and utterly destroyed it. While I’m sure it is salvageable, nobody in the market for a new Carrera S would ever dream of paying top dollar for this vehicle. 

While a 911 Carrera S starts at around $100,000 in the USA, it is significantly pricier in Russia due to taxes and lower volume of sales. This particular car was said to be 5.5 Million Rubles, or roughly $170,000. 

The driver walked away from the accident without a scratch, but the passenger was rushed to the hospital suffering from back pain and a concussion. The dealership likely suffered the most considering the fact that the driver will not likely have to pay even half of what the dealership lost in the accident.

Below are some pictures of the car after the accident. Unfortunately, nobody has come forward with a dash-cam video yet.