Toyrianna Smith, 20-year old mother from Chicago (Illinois), was drinking vodka with friends at a home in Harvey (south of Chicago), last Wednesday when she beat and suffocated her 3-month baby Ken Blackman Jr. Reason – because he won’t stop crying. When the baby’s father arrived to pick the baby, she strapped the lifeless body of the baby into a BabyBjorn carrier and went shopping.

She and her kids spent the night in a guest room, but during the night the baby began to cry, prosecutors said in court. Smith allegedly told police she placed a blanket over the baby’s head, then struck him three or four times in the face until he was quiet.

Later that night he started crying again, and Smith told police she again put the blanket over the baby’s head, struck him three or times in the face, then pressed down on the child until his arms started jerking and he was quiet, Conklin said, citing court records.

The next morning, Smith dressed the dead baby, and when the boy’s father came to pick him up, she had the homeowner claim they’d already left. When asked why the baby was not moving, Smith said he was asleep, prosecutors alleged.

She placed the infant in the BabyBjorn and over the next several hours, Smith took the dead baby with her shopping to a couple of stores and then to a neighbor’s home in Harvey, according to prosecutors.

According to reports, she admitted to killing the boy and used a toy doll to demonstrate for cops how she hit and smothered him.