Peter Bower, man from Shelby (Ohio), was charged for having sexual relations with his 3-year-old shepherd mix. He was charged with two counts of animal animal cruelty for having sexual relations with three dogs and possibly one horse.

“The tip was allegations about bestiality, sexual conduct with an animal,” said Richland County Dog Warden Dave Jordan.

Investigators executed a search warrant at Bower’s apartment where they seized the 3-year-old shepherd mix and his computer. On the computer, pictures and stories of his sexual relations with his animals.

They also found a bestiality book, “Dearest Pet,” along with signs that read ‘Pets Welcomed’ and a plastic, blow-up sheep.

Cops say Bower advertised dog walking and sitting services around town and at the Mansfield dog shelter.Source:

Since Ohio has no laws regarding bestiality, he will only face misdemeanor charges. Maybe it is time that Ohio change it rules before becoming a haven for people into bestiality.