A television advertisement for a Swedish travel website, Flygresor.se, featuring a person vomiting due to the web-site’s “sickeningly low prices” has resulting in getting cited by the Swedish advertising watchdog,  Swedish Advertising Ombudsman, as distasteful.


In its ruling, the agency cites complaints that having to watch a person vomiting without being forewarned made viewers nauseous and made them lose their appetite.

Ultimately, the agency agreed with the complainants, ruling the commercial to be offensive and describing it as “distasteful and clearly inappropriate”.

“It’s clear that the purpose of this film was to make a connection between being sick and vomiting, and sickeningly cheap flights. It’s also clear to us that this connection is meant to be humorous,” wrote RO’s opinion board in their decision.

“The opinion board finds, however, that the humorous approach in the film is negated by the content of the film.”Source: www.thelocal.se


Check the advertisment –

Definitely sickening!