We have all heard the saying When Pigs Fly, but how about When Deer Fly? For those of you that were promised something special When Deer Fly, go and collect your reward, because in Helena Montana just such a thing occurred today.

Helena Montana had a power outage this morning, and the culprit seems to be a baby deer hanging from the power line. 

A Montana resident says an energy company has identified the cause of a brief power outage as “deer with wings.” Lee Bridges says she was outside with her dogs around the time the power went out when a NorthWestern Energy truck pulled up, giving her a chance to ask the driver what caused the problem.Source: news.yahoo.com

Interestingly enough, while this is the first for Helena Montana, this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened elsewhere.

In Canada, Manitoba Province, a deer has been caught on a power line (snopes).

Likewise, Alaska seems to have suffered the same problem earlier (snopes).

While it is impossible to say exactly what happened, an educated guess would be that some large bird of prey decided to have a large meal. When the bird couldn’t hold on, the deer would fall and … well … land in the power line. Of course, this is just a guess, but it seems most probable.

Of course, there is another possibility … 

Or, maybe it was the French?