A 13-year old boy has been arrested for sexually assaulting his 8-year-old female cousin in California. The mother of the 8-year old girl is reported to have invited a relative and their 13-year old son to spend the weekend at their Santa Ana home in California and go to an amusement park.


The mother of the 8-year-old girl reported leaving to run errands on Saturday morning. When she returned, she saw the boy exiting the girl’s room. According to the mother, the boy acted suspiciously, but evaded her questions about why he had been in the girl’s room. When the mother questioned her daughter about what happened, she was also evasive.

After noticing blood on the girl’s pajamas, she reportedly took the girl to the hospital, where it was determined that the girl had been sexually violated.Source: www.ktla.com

(Courtesy: KTLA.com)

The hospital contacted the police and the boy revealed “incriminating information.” The boy was taken and booked for committing a lewd act with a minor at the Orange County Juvenile Hall.