A billboard of a bikini-clad model wearing a white bikini and cowboy boots is causing a stir in Auburn. Some residents of the city were so embarrassed with the billboard that this morning someone covered the 12- by 24-foot billboard with a black tarp and the words “no more porn in our town.”

The company behind the advertisement, California Sun, objected to the idea of comparing the image on the billboard to porn.

“There is nothing pornographic about the image at all. It shows a beautiful tan on a confident women. It’s a very classy image,” said Jeremy McCain, media director for California Sun, the company behind the advertisement.

The image – shot at Folsom Lake – shows a woman in a white bikini and cowboy boots lying on a granite rock at the edge of the water.

“If you go out to the lake or the beach, women wear bikinis all the time. It’s a very conservative bikini,” McCain said.

The billboard campaign has been up – undisturbed – in Sacramento for a month. The Auburn billboard went up two days ago, McCain said.

He said the billboard bagging “caught us by surprise.”Source: www.sacbee.com

The incidence might have been fine for a middle east country, but for sunny California, it really doesn’t make much sense!