Are you one of those shoppers who always wonder how a pair of jeans, trousers or dress look on your butt? If yes, then go check out American Rag in Los Angeles. They have put is a “Ass Cam” in every dressing room to make sure that every shopper can check their derriere out – especially if the back mirror doesn’t do it.


But the experience isn’t always a good one.

“I haven’t seen anyone come out sobbing, but some were definitely devastated, because some jeans don’t look great on some butts,” American Rag buyer Jennifer Althouse told KTLA.

American Rag says no one is viewing what the cameras are shooting, and customers have nothing to worry about.

“People have been really excited about it,” American Rag employee James Hamonds said. “They’ve never seen it before anywhere, and they’re like ‘Oh my God, what is this?'”Source:



One problem though – how should any shopper be sure that no-one is recording with the camera? Shouldn’t there be a switch to turn it on or off?