Three teenage boys, two aged 16 and one aged 17 from Battle Ground (Washington), have been arrested for feline shooting spree. The teens have reportedly admitted to shooting 100 cats.They have been idenitifed as – Mitchell S. Kangas, 16, Jaren M. Koistinen, 16, and Riley J. Munger, 17.

They were arrested after a cat was shot while sitting on its front porch. The boys were found in a blue Ford Explorer not far from the shooting with two rifles, one loaded, several hundreds round of ammo and several .22 caliber shell casings were inside the vehicle.


“It’s not anger, it’s outrage. Do these kids even realize what they’re doing? They’re shooting at people’s homes with people inside,” says Tina, who asked only to be identified by her first name.

Tina says she and her daughter were inside when they heard a gunshot. She says her daughter later found their cat with a gunshot wound to its face.”She came running with blood gushing out of her mouth and nose really bad, and I saw right away that she had a hole in the middle of her nose,” says Tina’s daughter, who also asked not to be identified.They rushed the cat to a veterinarian and it survived its injuries.The mother and daughter say this is the second time in recent weeks that one of their cats have been shot.In May, Tina says, a different cat was targeted outside their home.She says it was shot in the neck and also survived.”It’s a miracle they’re both still alive,” Tina says.



The teens are charged with drive-by shooting, unlawful discharge of firearm, animal cruelty and possession of a loaded weapon in a vehicle.They have been booked into juvenile detention.

The number of cats shot by the trio is reported to be at aleast 100 and possibly as many as 200.


When questioned, Kangas allegedly admitted to shooting 10 cats that evening and at least 50 cats, two dogs and a deer over the past two months. The other two teens are believed to have helped track down animals to shoot, according to court documents.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Camara Banfield said the number of animals believed to be harmed could be even greater as the investigation unfolds. She told Clark County Superior Court Judge Roger Bennett at the teens’ Monday morning first appearance that there are at least 100 victimized cats and possibly as many as 200.

It’s not yet known whether the three will be named as suspects in the shootings of two dogs in the La Center area in March and May. Citing court rules and the ongoing investigation, Banfield said in an interview that she couldn’t comment on the total number of animal fatalities or a possible link to the dog cases.



Court papers show that Koistinen and Kangas are sophomores at Battle Ground High School and Munger is a junior at La Center High School. The three live at home with their parents. None of them has a criminal record.