Caroline Louise Forsling, 35-year Swedish model who currently lives in New York, is suing beauty giant Estée Lauder for $2 million, after the company photoshopped her picture to make her look old and wrinkly for an advertisement. The advertisement was for Plantscription, an anti-aging cream aimed at 45 to 60 year-old women. She claims that the company used her picture without telling her about it.

Forsling, 35 years old, was not amused and claims the unflattering photograph was taken prior to the start of a completely different photo shoot with Estée Lauder, before she had her make up applied or been styled.

She claims that she was not informed the photo would be used for anything, and has no connection to the anti-aging cream.

“Forsling has never used Plantscription. She did not participate in Defendants’ study – indeed, she would not have been eligible to participate because she is significantly younger than 45,” the lawsuit stated.Source:

“Upon information and belief, the image was modified through the use of photo editing software though it remained recognizable as an image of Forsling,” her lawyer, Edward Rosenthal, wrote in the legal papers filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Forsling said that despite agreeing to stop using the photo, Estee Lauder and Origins sent it to modeling agencies as “casting call materials” as they sought models with “fine wrinkles.”Source:

Frosling has been working in the modeling world for over a decade as she has been featured on the cover of major magazines including 1998 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and 1999 German “Marie Clair” (January).