German Paz, 33-year old man from Orlando (Florida), was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for wooing a teen girl. Paz used the handle “The Delightful Deviant” while talking to the victim. The relationship began when the victim was 13-years old (in 2006) when he met her on a web forum for online video game enthusiasts. He started with talking to her about a game first and then started engaging her in a sexually explicit conversation. He even convinced her to send him sexually explicit pictures.

Using the handle “The Delightful Deviant,” he chatted with the minor about a game at first, then engaged her in a sexually explicit conversation, the Federal Bureau of Investigations said.

Paz coaxed the girl into starting an AOL Instant Messenger account for chatting, and into giving him her phone number. Over the next year, agents said he convinced her to send him sexually explicit photos.

According to investigators, Paz told the girl not to tell her mother, and said he planned to marry her when she turned 18. When he contacted her again in 2010, the girl, then 18, called the FBI.

Agents interviewed Paz, who admitted to an “online relationship” with the girl. A search of his computer revealed images of the victim, investigators said.Source:

He pleased guilty to sexually exploiting a minor in March and was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, followed by a life term of supervised release which would require – participating in substance abuse and mental health programs and having no contact with minors and registering as a sexual offender.

Please talk to your kids and make sure you monitor their online activity specially on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, online forums, etc.