Billboards featuring Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and prime minister Vladimir Putin as bare-legged male models sporting a tennis racket were recently seen  with the logo of the TsUM department  store near the store location in Moscow. Strangely, the advertisements were not created by TsUM, but my an anonymous street artist.

Other than the store logo, the billboards had a website name on them – which directs you to artist’s other works.

The site’s owner remained unidentified and did not reply to an e-mailed request for comment. But he confirmed being behind the project in an interview with the BBC Russian Service.

“What I do is street art, which demonstrates my view on what is happening around me,” the anonymous artist said Tuesday.

He said Putin and Medvedev were “far removed from show business and fashion,” which prompted him to show them as “hip and chill dudes who follow trends and lead an active life.”

Medvedev and Putin, in fact, are no strangers to high living. Medvedev received an iPad from Apple founder Steve Jobs last year, months before sales started in Russia, while Putin is regularly seen sporting wristwatches worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The artist’s website features other ironic campaigns.


This spirit is present in other works at, such as a poster of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi complete with a phone number and the message, “Looking for an apartment” — a reference to the exile that Gadhafi faces if Russia and Western powers succeed in facilitating his ouster.

Another poster shows a glamorous mascara-wearing man in a border guard uniform above the slogan, “Let’s cross the border.” The poster appeared on the street Saturday when border guards, who share an aggressive anti-gay stance typical of many Russians, noisily celebrated their professional holiday.Source:


Looking forward to more work from the artist. But what do we call him/her?