Art gallery owners in Poznan (Poland) are facing jail time over a giant poster of a naked Minnie Mouse sprawled on a huge Nazi swastika. The poster is for advertising an art exhibition. The poster was placed right next to a synagogue which has infuriated everyone in the city.

Naked Minnie Mouse on a huge Nazi Swastika


“For me it is quite shocking, and even more so for people who remember World War II, and especially for people who suffered during it,” said local councillor Norbert Napieraj.

During World War II the synagogue was closed and looted by Nazis before being flooded and turned into a swimming pool for German soldiers. Now prosecutors are studying the poster to see if it promotes fascism, punishable by three years in jail in Poland.

But gallery manager Maria Czarnecka said: “This billboard is for a poster exhibition and in no way does it promote fascism or support the Nazi regime.”



Some 60 years ago, Poland witnessed mass murders of Jews at the hands of Nazi soldiers wearing the swastika sign. Isn’t that reason enough, not to stretch the limits of artistic imagination to put the same sign next to a synagogue which wintnessed the atrocities? Not at all artistic!



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