At 12 years of age, kids are supposed to play with a doll, not their baby. Four years ago, 12-year old Tressa Middleton,  shocked Britain by becoming its youngest mum. She candidly talked about having sex after getting drunk and excitement on becoming a mother. She became pregnant at the age of 11. Check the shocking pictures of 12-year old Tressa holding her baby –


Despite barely being out of primary school, Miss Middleton smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day, used cannabis and downed cocktails of Buckfast tonic wine and vodka.

Speaking under the cover of anonymity at the time, she disclosed that she had discovered the pregnancy weeks after having drunken sex in August 2005.

Drawing on a roll-up cigarette while heavily pregnant, she said: ‘I slept with him because I was drunk and I wanted to. I don’t regret it because if I didn’t have sex with him I wouldn’t  have my baby. I knew straight away that I couldn’t have an abortion because that’s something I don’t believe in.’


Now at 16, Tressa is fighting to see her daughter. After giving birth to her daughter, both the mother and baby were under foster care. But soon Tressa became addicted to drugs and alcohol and the baby was finally given for adoption.

She told the Scottish Sun: ‘I’m not a big drinker now and I don’t smoke hash any more. In the past I’ve cut myself but I don’t do that any more. I’m going to give myself a couple of years to get my life sorted, then I’m going to fight for access to my little girl.Source:

Makes you scared to your bone. There should definitely be a qualification test for people  to have kids. You just shouldn’t be allowed to have one – if you are biologically capable – but also responsible for one.

Tressa might have changed for now, but can we really trust her?


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