If you believe the new book “The Second Sexism,” Today men are discriminated against based on sex, according to the reviewer The Observer , Elizabeth Day. Professor of philosophy has written a book from Cape Town, David Beneter (David Benatar), its title (“The Second Sexism”), probably refers to the name of the famous work of Simone de Beauvoir’s “Second Sex” of discrimination against women.

Beneter presents statistics: “more boys than girls drop out of school, less than men receive higher education diplomas and scientific degrees, men have higher mortality at younger ages and higher prison population.” He concludes: discrimination against men – the theme is so little studied that, apparently, society is afraid to talk about prejudice against men.

“A glass cellar ‘- the so-called phenomenon Warren Farrell, an American fighter for the rights of men. According to him, 24 of the 25 most prestigious professions in the U.S. – typical male: roofer, welder, garbage collector, sewer repairman.

Right there Beneter and Farrell? Statistics partly confirms their opinion. Thus, according to the OECD by 2009, all industrialized countries, boys lag behind girls in nearly a year with regard to reading ability. Men work more than women (in the UK – an average of 39 hours per week compared to 34 for women), sick heart disease an average of approximately 10 years earlier than women, and the likelihood of suicide among young men is about 3 times higher than among their contemporaries .

Men are also increasingly becoming a target for ridicule, for example, in advertising means for cleaning the oven is used the slogan: “It’s easy – even a man cope!”

Beneter recognizes that to calculate the degree of discrimination is very difficult. “But there is a pervasive form of discrimination – for violence against men are more tolerant. Men are more likely to be victims of homicide or assault entailing serious injury. Laboratory experiments on men and women have shown that we have less inhibitory mechanisms, when we use violence to men, “- says Beneter.