Eduard Knyaginin keeps 50 dogs in his house and spends his last money on food for the animals. He is also looking for fellow-thinkers who would join him in the attempt to create a breeding nursery for hunting dogs.

The guy is known here as an eccentric enthusiast and sportsman.

He is 65 years old now but still as active as he was before.

Eduard lives alone.

All objects and posters in his house show how passionate he is about dogs.

The big house is rather intended not for him but for his dogs.

He started breeding dogs at the time of the USSR. He is interested mainly in hunting dogs.

The dog Elly came from Africa.

Donya, an Italian patrol dog, is the only dog with a passport here.

The dog is very aggressive and is kept aside from others. But she listens to her master always. They all do.

Dogs are held both in the yard and at home.

Puppies live inside the house.

Every month Eduard spends a lot of money on medicines and food for the dogs.

Puppies require special food.

Sausage departments help much providing Eduard’s dogs with waste products.

Eduard’s children send him money too. But the help is not enough. Eduard is getting old and it is sometimes difficult for him to get up in the morning. He makes himself get up because he knows that his dogs won’t survive without him.

That is why his main aim now is to find fellow-thinkers who would help him to organize a nursery as such a great amount of dogs won’t do any harm to people only if there is an owner next to them.

But what will happen if Eduard gets sick?

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