Daymaris Vazquez, 35-year old woman from Tampa (Florida), got so angry after seeing a “F” on a young relative’s report card that she beat him up with a wooden and metal spatula, choking him and threatening to kill him.


Daymaris Vazquez, 35, was arrested Sunday morning on a charge of child abuse. The arrest report states she hit the boy several times with a wooden and metal spatula, causing bruising, after he got the failing grade.

Vazquez also hit the boy in the face, breaking his glasses and leaving a mark on his nose, according to the report. And she choked the boy and threatened to kill him, police said.Source:

Some of the media outlets are reporting that the woman was the mother of the boy, but others claim that she is just a relative.

Vazquez is currently being held by immigration officials.

This story brings back the argument that is smacking your kid (no choking or threatening to kill) OK?