Stephanie Bon, 37-year old woman from Colchester (Essex, UK) working as HR assistant for Lloyds Banking Group , was fired from her job after she made a comment on Facebook comparing her small salary with Loyd Bank Group CEO António Horta-Osório’s salary. The facebook post said – ‘LBG’s new CEO gets £4,000 an hour. I get £7. That’s fair.’ Her post was in response to the recent announcement that Lloyds would pay the new chief executive as much as £13.5m this year.

‘I went to lunch and when I came back, one of my friends there was saying: “They’re talking about you with Facebook last night”.’

She said: ‘My team leader asked me why I was writing things like that.

‘Then my manager came in and said she was disappointed in me.

‘She said I was putting the company down. But I did not write anything that was controversial.

‘It was hard losing my job. Luckily I had my friends and family that were there to help me out.

‘If I have got an opinion, I write it because I don’t expect my friends to grass me up.’Source:

Lloyds spokesman refutes the claim.

A Lloyds TSB spokesman said: ‘Stephanie Bon’s departure had absolutely nothing to do with Facebook.

‘Stephanie was employed via an agency on a short-term seven-day rolling contract.

‘The work she had been brought in to do was coming to an end and so she was given her notice.

‘It was only after the notice was served that the comments she made on Facebook then came to light.’Source:


Not sure if the reason of her getting sacked was really a Facebook post or not, but it is important for everyone to understand the possible consequence of social networking updates, tweets or messages!