Toronto cop Const. Michael Sanguinetti’s comment that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized,” resulted in the city’s first “SlutWalk” on Sunday from Queen’s Park to police headquarters on College St. More than 1,500 participants took part in the walk to protest the officer’s comment told to a York University law class on January 24. The cop was reprimanded and underwent “further training.”

(Picture courtesy: Toronto Sun)

Protest co-founder Sonya Barnett said victims are “never at fault.

“Slut shaming needs to be addressed,” the York undergrad said.

“We said an apology is not enough,” march organizer Heather Jarvis told the crowd.

The University of Guelph student said some police “are good people,” but criticized the force for avoiding the rally officially and not addressing demands to cite officer education improvements.

Rape victim Polly Esther, 39, said “it has nothing to do with what you are wearing.”

Dragged into a stairwell at 14, “I was a child … bundled in pants, with a long coat and gloves,” she said. What Sanguinetti said “is like a punch in the guts.”

Jane Doe, a high-profile survivor who successfully sued Toronto Police for not warning residents of a home-invading attacker in 1986, said attitudes that women’s clothing invites rape are perpetuated by media, police and church leaders.

(Picture courtesy: Toronto Sun)

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I think the cop is more suited for a Taliban-like regime in Afghanistan, rather than Toronto. Next he would like women to wear hijabs?

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