Joanne Salley, 32-year arts teacher (at Merchant Taylors’ School in Northwood, Hertfordshire, UK), formal model and TV-presenter, got a little more unintended publicity then intended from a topless photo shoot with fellow-teacher at the school, professional photographer Fiona Corthine. The pictures, as most of these kind so, got leaked to the students and went viral after they were found by a student in the photography laboratory – on a memory stick.

(Pictures courtesy: Daily Mail)

She is definitely a very good looking teacher and is reported to have been a subject to lot of crushes.

‘She was already the subject of hundreds of schoolboy crushes so naturally the photos went round the school like wildfire’, said a source.Source:

She is reported to be so disraught that she doesn’t want to teach anymore. Though students do want her back.

One said: ‘She was our tutor and a really good teacher. She took us on a lot of trips to the cinema.

‘She was really funny, lively, nice to talk to, charismatic and beautiful. We want her back.’

Asked about the pictures, which he claimed to have seen, the pupil added: ‘I think it’s really unfortunate. The person who did it is a bit of a t***.’Source:

Few questions though –

  • Why isn’t somebody concerned about her doing a topless shoot on school property?
  • Where were these teachers when I was in school?

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