Black and white photos of moviegoers of the 1940s make for some pretty creepy photos.  I’m not sure if it’s the dark contrast or the out of focus people that look like ghosts, but something about this creeps me out.

These photos were pulled from a photography exhibit at the International Center of Photography.  Taken by the photographer “Weegee”, a freelance photographer in New York City, to show what goes on in the dark of a movie theater.

In his own styles, Weegee freezes the expressions of moviegoers with just the light of the screen in the dark theater.  The details of what they are watching are a mystery, but we can tell that it was extremely interesting.Creepy kid bighting his finger

This is what happens at the movies

gilrs laughing in picture at Weegee exhibit

moviegoers in New York

A happy couple watching a movie in the 1940s

eating popcorn at the movies

A 1940s dad sleeping at the movies

girls laughing at a movie in New York

moviegoers at the end of thier seats