Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?

Brazilian wandering spider cocooned on a banana

A couple in Britain purchased a bag of bananas from a Tesco store on Tuesday and found a what looks like a spider.  After some expert google research, Maria Layton was certain that this was the spider cocoon of a Brazilian wandering spider.  If fear of a painfully erection and possible death, she took a picture and sealed the banana in the freezer to kill it.

The mother of two remembered that she heard about the spider that has traveled with banana’s in the past on a past news story.  A spider bight from a Brazilian wandering spider can result in a whole slew of miserable symptoms, to include a painful long-lasting erection and eventual death.  If you enter an emergency room in Brazil with a spider bite, your genitals at the first thing they look at because it is a telltale sign.

Maria posted a picture of the spider cocoon on the Tesco store’s Facebook Page insisting that someone come inspect her house for baby spiders.  They asked that she give them the barcode off of the infected banana but she had already thrown the bag away.  Eventually, a representative asked for her address so that they could send something as a sign of goodwill.

Deadly Brazilian wandering spider's will cause painful erection and death

I’m not sure what kind of spider that is, but it sure does look like she could have hit the nail on the head.  That could have been a miserable experience for whoever got bit and whoever got sued over it.  Let’s just hope that a banana like that doesn’t come home to my house.  I might put it in my husband’s bed just for the profit alone!