How about that story guys?! In one of the hotels in Zimbabwe, a prostitute, while having sex with a client, has lost consciousness.  A client decided that she had a stroke and died. He waited till the morning and only then called the Police, who also thought her for “dead”.   Other guests, attracted by an event, crowded close by, hoping to watch the process of removal of the coffin with a prostitute. However, once the body of the woman touched the cold metal coffin, she suddenly “resurrected”, cried loudly: “You kill me, you kill me!”  Then she screamed and plunged in awe than others, according to local TV channel Bulawayo24 .

Onlookers were so terrified that all ran away in horror, tripping and colliding with each other. “It was like a movie. People began to scatter in all directions,” – said one of the witnesses. According to him, the incident is really awful, people thought that the woman is dead, only on the basis that it seemed cold to the touch.

The woman’s partner, according to witnesses, quietly left the hotel a few minutes after the police and the victim (a prostitute) was taken home her “colleague”.

Hey, things happen, right?!  But I don’t understand the “client” which spent all night with a “dead” body and only in the morning called the Police!  He, most probably, tried to get his money worth, isn’t he?! J