This has to be a dream job where you get a rent-free studio on park ave south  in Manhattan for working as a PA to Harvard-trained eye surgeon Dr. Emil Chynn and an additional bonus of $10,000 for finding him a wife. The studio includes free utilities, Internet and telephone (local and long distance). Responsibilities include back-walking, grocery shopping, internet shopping, opening/closing/cleaning of beach houses, etc. And you have to be a Dog-lover!

Dr. Emil Chynn: Work as a PA, get a rent-free studio in Mahattan and $10,000 bonus for finding a wife

congrats on getting a great gig where you get free rent including free phone and hi-speed internet on park ave south, all in exchange for 1 hour walking on my back and taking orders, and another hour of dedicated time per weekday, with other crap bundled into your regular weekly activities Source:

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I am a successful small business owner, who owns my own space on Park Avenue South. I’ve put a studio apartment in the basement for my Personal Assistant to live in, rent-free, in exchange for her PA work. Here’s the deal:

I’ve had PAs for several years, and to be a good match for me, you have to be very:
orderly, organized, responsible, reliable, dependable, punctual
smart, quick, sharp, good common sense, good attention to detail, good memory and note-taking habits, doesn’t need reminding
good project-management skills, ability to back out intermediate deadlines so major deadline will be met on-time
good at internet research, ordering things on the internet (shopping)
good sense of style and fashion, well-mannered, well-groomed, very polished, professional, and presentable
graduate of a 4-year college
25-30 years of age (approximately)–younger is often not-so-clued-in; older is often too inflexible


studio with full bath, bedroom, living room, kitchenette
free utilities included
free local and long-distance phone anywhere within the continental US
free high-speed internet (T1)
it is currently being finished out, so if you interview asap, you can choose the finishing touches, etc!

1. you’ll spend ONLY ONE HOUR with me MONDAY – FRIDAY where i will tell you your new tasks, you will give me follow-up and status on your ongoing projects

2. that hour will be spent sometime between 9AM – 7 PM depending on my availability, and will be in my office, and simultaneously you will be either walking on my back (preferred, if you weigh less than 115 lb) as i have a lot of lower-back stiffness, or if you are more than 115, you can just give me a deep masage or something like that. please note this is NOT ANYTHING SEXUAL i do not want anything like that, it’s just part of your job as my PA, because that’s what i need (one of my PAs was also a former dancer, so instead of the massage she just stretched out my hamstrings and quads professionally, which was fine as i think a lot of my lower-back stiffness is due to inflexibility of my hip flexors. but the intake/outtake must be done simultaneously to the massage/stretch, or i won’t have time for either (which is why i need a PA in the 1st place)

3. you will then be assigned tasks that you will need to devote ONE HOUR PER DAY to me exclusively, and other tasks that you can just bundle into your regular day. eg, shop for something exclusively for 1 hour, and pick up things for me at the grocery store when you shop for yourself anyway

4. during most weekends you will be OFF. but some weekends, like when i am going away to open or close my ski house, my beach house, or my other beach house, you will have to accompany me and assist with the opening/closing/cleaning (there are worse things in life than helping out at a ski or beach house part-time for a weekend, and skiing or sunbathing the rest of the time, by the way!)

rent for this space including utilities on park ave so. would be $2000 per month, so paying you the going rate for part-time PA work of $20 per hour means you need to give me 100 hours per month, or 25 hours per week, or 3 hours per day of PA work, approximately (although as described above that’s really only 5 hours per week M-F getting your assignments and walking on my back, 5 hours per week M-F doing stuff exclusively for me, and the other 15 hours per week just bundling in my stuff into your stuff.

i am, by the way, single and looking, so part of your assignment will probably be to reactivate my profile and troll for dates for me, as i don’t really have the time to do this properly. because i’m a single guy i am also chronically malnourished, so part of this deal is i always get to eat your leftovers (i am not picky at all), but you never have to cook for me specially, just stick your leftovers every day or so in the office fridge upstairs for me, or i skip meals bc busy and lose weight!:(

my parents are immigrants and desperate for their only son to marry and have a child (preferably a boy, i guess), so if you do happen to miraculously set me up with a girl i marry, through or your other resources (i am notoriously picky, by the way, as have multiple ivy-league degrees), my parents will give you a reward of $10,000 in cash, ie bills, so that’s a bonus!

to apply, please submit a cover letter, your relevant work experience, and your resume, and if you wish, a picture (optional). if you have prior PA experience, that’s a plus, although similar experience like Executive Assistant would be fine. if you’re a professional massage therapist, you’re probably hired, by the way!:)

congrats on getting a great gig where you get free rent including free phone and hi-speed internet on park ave south, all in exchange for 1 hour walking on my back and taking orders, and another hour of dedicated time per weekday, with other crap bundled into your regular weekly activities

oh, i forgot to mention, i have a very sweet dog, so you must like dogs and he must like you, as he is the love of my life (at least until i find a wife) and you’ll have to walk him at least every other day or take him to the dogrun to play!:) you CANNOT however have a dog or cat or any pets of your own (except fish, of course!)


Sounds like a great deal and if he throws in one Lasik surgery free, even I would take it, though I am outside the age restriction.