In a new book writer Melissa Mohr, a professor at Stanford University, describes the history of the most popular at the moment American obscenities “FUCK”, which, she claimed, was first used in the XVI century.

This philological study titled “Holy Shit: A Brief History of expletives,” the author writes that this first sample profanity resorted to English monk, writing about Abbot’s disturbed behavior.

In a quote there we’ve got a dissatisfied 1528 monk. He’s written “O D fuckin Abbot.” Melissa Mohr, author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, says this “fuck” could be either literal or metaphorical.   And, by the way, the word “damned” indicates that “damn” in those days was much stronger forbidden expression than fuck.

Mohr notes that the context makes it impossible to determine whether it was eating this word in a metaphorical sense, or in its literal sense – to copulate. However, it is clear that the fuck were used to amplify the emotional series.

The author mentions the previous versions of the origin of the word fuck, which was allegedly found with a satirical poem, written in 1500, and also tells of novices’ monastery.

To write this sacramental word was used a secret code, and the whole phrase, which was deciphered in the Middle Ages, says: “They are not in heaven because” fuck “or women” (a small town in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom – Ed )


Etymology of the word has not yet been established, but scientists are inclined to believe that it came into English from the German, which also made sense “to copulate.”