Is there any of you like cats?  If yes, take a look on this post.  

There  are a lot of kitty-cats breeds, which claims to be the “aristocrats”.  However, as they say, to claim that title can only one percent of them. Cats, for the exhibition should not only have a certain characteristics, but also have a certificate of conformity and pedigree.  Here you can see some of them – royalty of royalties! 



Most exotic and most expensive cat in the world, is like a mini-cheetah Savannah gets along very well with other pets, and always takes the role of the main cat-among other cats. They are very intelligent, playful, energetic and resourceful. Much like a dog. Easily trained, love to play, “Oporto”, ride in cars and enjoy walks on a leash. Savannah don’t like the cold and love… the water, and, with your permission, will splash in your bath or shower. These cats are very sociable; give the hosts all their love and affection.




Cat stands out with grace and royal bearing. Unusual color gives it charm and unique character of “wild” cougar. They are very flexible, have shown great interest in everything around him.Abyssinian cats are very intelligent, affectionate, curious and playful. Faithful and devoted friend, will always be with you. Her voice is gentle and melodic.Abyssinian prefers to sit on the throne, to control everything from the top.



 American Curl

A mixture of loyalty, cheerfulness, tenderness and curiosity.  They have turned out ears, giving them a look of surprise. Very friendly and a good companion

IMG_9752_small (600x450, 57Kb)

 Cat is famous for her beautiful blue eyes and an unusual origin. Additionally it must be white “stockings” on the front and hind legs. This modest, peaceful, quiet animal, which does not like to be alone, very bored without owners. 
In this cat “face” with regular features and large round eyes, color of gold, always receives a lot of sympathy and love…
Don Sphinx . 
This is a special breed of cats, of course, which not everyone will like. But, with an unusual appearance and a docile and peaceful in nature, many of her owners  adore…
People who love the playful, lively and active cats – Cornish Rex are perfect. They are very curious, slender as a gazelle, very attached to their owners.
Their affection and love just knocks them out of this loud rumbling ball can pull off that – lint from your plate right under your nose and starts to absorb, until you have selected. About the extravagance of these cats are legendary, they can eat up to 1.5 pounds of canned food for the day! 
LA Perm .
This is a long-haired breed of cat with a curlycoat. Representatives of this breed are very inquisitive, affectionate and active, they are excellent hunters. 
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Maine Coon.
Cat-and-giants. Peaceful, friendly and accommodating. Maine Coons are very neat, Don’t like a narrow space. Easily adapt to the owner and the place of his habitation.
By nature, the Maine Coon a good-natured pet, very loyal to their family, but wary of strangers.
9.1 (600x400, 24Kb)
Persian cat devoted to the one it loves, but can be haughty, emphasizing its royal status. And if you give her all your love, their love will be refunded to you in full.
Russian Blue cat ss a gentle, quiet and obedient, but very stubborn and likes its freedom. Its secretive, cautious with strangers. They do not like to wander, and prefers to live in the house.
Russian Blue appreciates and like coziness. Popular belief is that the Russian Blue brings home the happiness and well-being.
Siamese .
Siamese cats are known for their almost canine affection to their owners. They are easily teachable. Like dogs, they love to care something in their mouth, jump over obstacles, give paw and execute commands.
Siamese cats do not like being alone, suffer in the absence of the owner.  Siamese cats are very good pets, but can sometimes be unpredictable.
13.2 (501x600, 74Kb)
The ancestors of the Siberian steppe and forest cats, they are amazing hunters. This instinct they have maintained to this day. If you have a Siberian in a private home, be sure that in your house there won’t be any rats or mice.
Problem with these cats – they are not strongly attached to the host. In the morning, after eating, they can walk out and sometimes not to come back till the next day.  Siberians recognize only one “master”. Adjust to you, they will not.
To find a common language with Siberians – only to respect it, and only then he will respect you.
Abisidian – Somalis
Somalis cat graceful and fragile.  Each of cats hair caries several different colors.
15 сомали (568x376, 22Kb)
They are long-haired, have short legs.  It is impossible to disrupt Munchkin They will always be calm, patient, kind, and give a huge positive energy.
HIGHLAND – FOLD (Scottish Fold)
Scottish fold, besides their unusual appearance, has a lot of positive traits in the character.
This breed is calm and even-tempered. Unpretentious, in everyday life, like to be close to the owner. Good food and affection – the only requirement of this wonderful animal.