Kissing is essential for a good valentine’s day date, but for Rachel Prince and fiance Lee Warwick, it is a kiss-less Valentine’s day as Rachel is suffering from aquagenic urticaria which means that even few spots of saliva can result in horrible hives for her.

Miss Prince said: ‘He’ll be getting a tiny peck on the lips, if that.’

Office temp Mr Warwick added: ‘Sometimes I look at her and I really want to kiss her but I know I can’t.

‘I do sometimes get a bit fed up. I have to do most of the housework so I’m basically Rachel’s slave and I don’t even get a kiss at the end of it.

‘But I don’t mind really, she’s worth it.’

Miss Prince is allergic to her own tears, saliva, sweat and blood. Even the briefest contact with moisture leaves her skin covered in a red, angry rash and unsightly hives.

She first noticed the allergy at the age of 12 and it has gradually worsened over the years since then.

She said: ‘As I got older, it became a proper rash whenever I was in contact with water. It burns and it itches, it feels like my skin is on fire.

‘It covers my face, chest and arms and recently I have noticed it on my legs as well.

‘I used to love swimming and I learned how to swim in the sea so I would love nothing more than to be able to have a paddle while on holiday, but I can’t even do that.’

Because the condition is so rare, affecting just a handful of people worldwide, Miss Prince often gets strange reactions from people when they first hear she is allergic to water.


Wait, if she is allergic to saliva, what about other bodily fluids? What about sex?

Reminds me of Rouge from X-men-