Any one of you guys want to see something weird and unbelievable, check this out?! If you ever saw a British artist Benjamin Shine at work, you would never have thought that now, at this moment, on your eyes is being born a new portrait of the world celebrities. From the outside it would look completely different. In the hands – an iron instead of a brush, on the table – transparent fabric instead of canvas, and in front of us – men working on household chores,diligently ironing curtains. 

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As it often happens, the idea came to the artist to create on net curtains by accident. Having decided to draw a portrait of Rembrandt, of that brilliant juggler of light and shadow, and being in search of new images and ideas, Benjamin mechanically crumpled in his hand a piece of black curtein. He then drew attention to its softness and suppleness, obedience to every movement. But finally it has captivated a natural ability transparent fabric: Depending on the number of layers to change colors from ultra-light to extra dark. And this finding was a key – the next moment art project was born.

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Folding and smoothing, pleating, crumpling and twisting the huge lengths of cloth colored lace curtain artist achieves a natural black and white picture, and does it so skillfully that some portraits from a distance looks like a very real picture. Unusual material can be seen only seeing them up close, and even then some do not believe their eyes, and read the caption next to the picture. In the few years that Benjamin dedicated “drawing”, he created dozens of such bulk realistic images, which makes the audience not believe their eyes. Among them, in addition to the debut of a portrait of Rembrandt, you can see the faces of Elizabeth Taylor and Sheikha Mozah (First Lady of Qatar), Princess Diana and Sir Philip Green (British millionaire, the owner of “TopShop”), an Indian guru Sai Baba and controversial artist Andy Warhol. As well as a series of portraits that does not belong to the holders of such sonorous world names.

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