When it comes to choosing a mate, both sexes are heightist*. – says Independent .

“Men choose women who are shorter them, and the women – pick a taller men. This is not surprising: on average, men taller than women. Things happen but a new study suggests that such pairs as jazz pianist Jamie Cullum (1.63 m) and a model Sophie Dahl (1.83 m), are even more rare than the estimated statistics “- the newspaper notes.

In the first study on how to partner preferences correlate with their actual choices, the researchers found that 92.5% of male pairs up women with an average difference in height of 14 centimeters, according to the author.

“Of course, the choice of partners is influenced by other factors, including physical attractiveness, weight and level of education. Tall man also gives her every right to wear high heels,” – he says.

However, while women appreciate a taller partner, they do not like very tall men, the newspaper said.

However, in some ways, both sexes are doomed to disappointment. There are couples in which preferences for optimal “height difference” of the partner is not satisfied” – results publication Hertha Stulpa words of the University of Groningen. 

As I see it, we human always are looking for something dissimilar, which is very important difference between us and out “brothers” animals.  If we would drop this trend from our reflexes we would still live, somewhere, up it the trees ;-)))