Australian transsexual put the video on YouTube in which he recorded all the changes that have taken place with him after plastic surgery and a transformation of male to female facial features, writes The Daily Mail .


In the eyes of the audience 20-year Australian, who gave the nickname iiGethii, less than in two minutes turns itself into a woman, while in real life, this process took almost three years. Judging from the roller, it is clear that the author has made more than a thousand pictures of his face, dozens of which were video. In the photo, dated December 8, 2009, was captured a young man with a heavy jaw and square chin, broad nose, low stand out eyebrows, broad lips, bushy eyebrows and unkempt hair.

Impressive outcome: A final picture in the series reveals the end result of the surgery: a face with delicate feminine features, high cheekbones, catlike eyes and round chin, framed by dark bangs and soft curls  

Gradually, as a result of operations on the feminization of the person, his appearance becomes more and more similar to the female. A person becomes more elongated, and the chin becomes more rounded, the most prominent cheekbones, eyebrows raised, lips become thinner. Complement eyebrows plucked in the form of threads, carefully coiffed hair and expressive makeup.

The video, which was published in late October, managed to see more than 600 thousand people, and judging by the comments, to most of the audience the result is highly impressed. According to one of the users, “if movie had continued, the Aussie could be Julia Roberts.” Another user had almost fallen in love: “You are the best girl I’ve ever seen.” Many of the spectators left words of support to transsexual, saying that “it is necessary to be who you want to be, and do not pay attention to others.”