Suzanne Basham, 47-year old woman from Springfield (Missouri), doesn’t seem to be the brightest of the lot. After getting ripped while trying to buy crack cocaine, she called 911 to report the crime. Obviously, the police wasn’t that amused, and gave her a ticket.


Suzanne Basham, 47, called Springfield police to her home on Tuesday and told officers she had been ripped off when she bought crack cocaine that turned out to be ordinary sugar.  Basham then asked the officers to go arrest her drug dealer and get back her $40.

Instead, the officers found Basham was still in possession of her crack pipe and ticketed her on a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia charge.

According to Cpl. Matt Brown, a spokesman for the Springfield Police Dept., officers went to the home of the man whom Basham claimed sold her the fake crack, but he denied being involved.  He wasn’t charged.



Next time, taste it before buying it!