Trying to find creative ways to propose to your girlfriend? Well here is one – Atlanta-based photographer and filmmaker Walt Thompson invested 22 hours shooting and “God knows how long” editing this stop-motion LEGO marriage proposal for his girlfriend of four years, Nealey Dozier. Check the result –


“He had been locking himself in his ‘man-cave’ for the past few days, no girlfriends allowed,” Dozier told The Huffington Post. “He claimed to be working on an anniversary poem, which didn’t raise any flags because he writes me one every year.”

On Tuesday, Jan. 3, after taking a total of 2,600 painstakingly posed photographs, Thompson played the video for Dozier in the living room of the Atlanta home the two share.

“He directed me to the DVD player and told me to press play,” Dozier said. “He then came to stand behind me, and within seconds I could feel the loud thumping of his heart and his quivering hands as they grabbed for mine. It was only then that I realized this was no anniversary poem.”

As Dozier watched, Thompson waited for the exact moment the words “Will you marry me?” appeared on the screen.

“When the words came on the 46″ television it was playing on, I hit my knee and pulled out the box, which contained the LEGO bride and groom,” Thompson, a friend of this reporter, told HuffPost. “Obviously, the groom was holding the ring.”

Dozier said she couldn’t contain her excitement. She wanted to know how he had made the video and when they should contact their parents, among other things.

“We shared an awkward, fumbling kiss before I launched into 20 questions,” she said. “It was after 10 minutes that I realized I hadn’t even said yes. Poor guy had to wait it out in torture for the answer!”



And then there are simpler ways – Kneel down and ask – “Will you please marry me”?