A cockfighting rooster in India is reported to have taken deadly revenge on its owner, Sigrai Soren from Mohanpur (West Bengal, India), by slashing its throat with the razors attached to his legs. The rooster is reported to have tried to get away from the fighting ring while Soren kept pushing him. In the end, the rooster got upset and attacked Soren.


Villagers in Mohanpur, West Bengal, were warned not to approach what police described as ‘an unknown rooster with black and red feathers’.Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

The hunt is on to find the rooster to remove the razor blades but there are reports that he is being held by a rival owner who is keeping the 4 time champion rooster to enter him back in fights.

Amnesty for Animals call it extremely good news, calling the rooster a “Victor”


This Rooster deserves a medal! Singrai Soren repeatedly pushed this poor animal back into the fightingpit after the rooster had slain another victim of the inhumane and extremely cruel so called sport of Cockfighting. The reason Singrai got killed is because they attach razorblades to the legs of Roosters before they go into the pit to hack their opponents to pieces and when nonhuman Singrai pushhed the poor victim back into the pit for several times to fight again the Rooster attacked his tormentor and sliced his jugular vein, one down more to go and a big cheer to the nameless rooster,  LET US CALL HIM VICTOR!Source: This

In a lot of places, cockfights and other animal fights have been outlawed – because it involves gambling or animal cruelty. In the United States cockfighting is illegal.